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What happens when the best thieves in the world get together? Your crew. Steal, hack, escape certain death—and that's just how you make your way to the breakfast table every morning. If you topple capitalism and corrupt politicians along the way, so much the better. Whatever the heist, no matter the con, you've got this in the bag.

Rebels & Renegades is a 2+ player tabletop RPG about playing thieves with an agenda. Do you have a moral code, a grander goal, or are you here to rob the rich blind and teach them a lesson? That's up to you, and the GM can design a heist to meet anyone's needs—along with a whole lot of fun.

Based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper. Inspired by Leverage, Ocean's 8, Persona 5, and Person of Interest. 

Profits from this game will be donated to trans and nonbinary folx in need.

A monochrome version of this game is included for those who may have issues with the color red, or may find this color scheme less taxing to print.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

Copies of this game are provided for free to the marginalized, vulnerable, and otherwise in need. If there are no copies available, please send an email to ivorytowercommissions@gmail.com.


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Hi! I have been having issues downloading the document and have tried to do so on various devices. I see that others are having the same issue. I wonder if it is something going on "behind the scenes" in the system? 

I will say that I love the premise of the game and the easy set up. I got to play it with other folks and it went really well. The GM  had a copy and it inspired me to get a copy of my own to be able to play with others. I always recommend it to others because of the positive experince I had with it. You can get a wonderful game with a lot of great details from just one page of rules and stats.

If you could send me an email at ivorytowercommissions@gmail.com, I'll get you sorted!


Rebels & Renegades is a 1 page, Lasers & Feelings style two-stat game with a phenomenal, bombastic layout and some visible Persona 5 influences in the setting and art.

The game does a really good job communicating how you're supposed to play it (Blades In The Dark seems to be an influence, and it's got a very fail-forward style,) but you might need to read the page twice, since it expects you to start on the right, then read the left, with GMs reading the middle.

Setting-wise, very little is provided (it's only one page,) but it's clear that you're supposed to do a heist, it's supposed to be high-tempo, and you're supposed to succeed.

The GM will have to do a little bit of legwork coming up with the backdrop for the game, but you could use R&R with any other heist-game setting and get a solid, flavorful one-shot.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that liked Persona 5, or anyone who wants to pick up a super simple-to-learn action-movie heist game and run a one-shot or intro game with it.


Hello! I've purchased Rebels & Renegades in the recent bundle and I've noticed something.

In the CHOOSE YOUR NUMBER phase, the pdf reads as "A high number means you have more ATTITUDE (...) A low number means you have more AESTHETIC" and in the rules for rolling, for a success in an ATTITUDE roll, you're supposed to roll OVER, and for a success in an AESTHETIC roll, you're supposed to roll UNDER.

So choosing, let's say, 5 as my number, I have more ATTITUDE but to have a sucess in an ATTITUDE roll, i have to roll OVER a 5.

I guess one of these, either the attitude/aesthetic being the higher/lower number or the rules for a success in a roll, are switched?

I'm having the same issue with buying the bundle, but the download not giving me anything. Any way to fix this?

Email me at ivorytowercommissions@gmail.com!

Hi, I bought this with the Bundle for Racial Justice, but when I try to download it, it's a single blank page of a PDF (both versions). Help?

That's odd! If you give me your email I'll send you a copy.

Is there a way to DM it, or do I have to post it publicly?

oh, if you sign in, and click the email they send you to confirm, there will be a giant list of all the games you bought that it takes you to. i had the same issue, but when i logged into Itch.io it worked out fin

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I have been seeing that, except I'm logged in and was downloading from the bundle page, which has worked for everything else so far. I'm on Mac, if that makes any difference, but I don't see how it would. Just tested it on a PC, still shows up 'blank'.

You can email me at ivorytowercommissions@gmail.com and I'll get you sorted.

The page "builds" - or put another way, the PDF is not just text. Perhaps your PDF reader (or browser plug in) isn't showing you the final results? Works fine with Foxit for Windows.